Professional Option Traders' Arsenal

Greeks is an answer to crypto options traders. Designed by a group of senior crypto options traders with the initial purpose of better managing their own options portfolios. We now decide to make our tools accessible to all crypto options traders in response to increasing requests from our customers. We value our users experience and would love to grow together with them and optimize Greeks along the way.We look forward to your feedback!

More Precise Greeks

As its name suggests, Greeks will provide a more precise calculation of your overall options portfolio greeks. This is crucial as black swan events occur more frequently in crypto world, and you need a tool to save your assets under those circumstances.
greeks app
greeks app

Seamless Options Trading Experience

Greeks supports PC/iOS/Android, allowing traders to access their options trading more conveniently. Greeks also provides different options trading tools such as "Delta Neutral with One Click" and "Dynamic Delta Hedging"